The picture above, taken along Florida’s scenic Highway 30-A, was shot by Hunter Bridges Cook, wife of CoveMark’s founder. This iconic highway is a 24-mile corridor that hugs the Gulf of Mexico coastline in Northwest Florida’s Walton County. Along this breathtaking drive, one can see sugar-white beaches and rare coastal dune lakes. This picture provided the inspiration for the trees in CoveMark’s logo. To view more of Hunter’s work, please visit her website http://www.hunterskybridges.com



CoveMark is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that inspires loyalty in our team members and missionconfidence in our investors. The following core values are the foundation on which CoveMark was founded and are fundamental to our continued success:

• We cultivate strategic partnerships with leading industry experts.
• Our relationships are built on trust.
• We believe in strong alignment of interests.
• Integrity and reputation are paramount.


CoveMark Investment Mgt, LLC (“CoveMark” or “we”) was formed in 2012 and launched its flagship fund the same year. CoveMark’s founder and principal, Aaron Cook, leads the CoveMark team and is responsible for investment decisions made by the firm. Since inception, the CoveMark structure has grown to include 18 private investment funds, which have collectively distributed more than $2.5 million to investors.


Aaron Cook is the founder and principal of CoveMark. Aaron’s investment career began with the purchase of his first investment property in 2001. Since his 2006 relocation from his home state of Florida to Texas, Aaron has been involved in more than $60 million in private investments. Over the past nine years, he has participated in multiple private investment projects serving in various capacities, including sponsor, development consultant, investor relations, and fund manager. From 2009–2012, Aaron was involved with Diversified Metroplex Investors (“DMI”) where he worked on several real estate projects and served on DMI’s Board of Directors. In 2012, Aaron left DMI to form CoveMark, launching the firm’s flagship fund the same year. Since inception, CoveMark has launched 18 Funds, across various industries, including energy, real estate, livestock, and unique eateries. Aaron also has significant experience with direct participation programs and private placements.


CoveMark’s founder, Aaron Cook, grew up in a small coastal community in Panama City, Florida. Many of Aaron’s fondest childhood memories are painted against the backdrop of the area in which his family still resides today: The Cove.

For Aaron, The Cove was more than a neighborhood. It was a close-knit community built on the solid foundation of old fashioned values; a place where relationships were cultivated, and reputations mattered. Aaron’s recollections of The Cove bring to mind the principles instilled in him by his parents and mentors. Those principles formed the basis for the high ethical standards by which CoveMark operates. Paying homage to The Cove through our firm name honors Aaron’s roots and serves as a reminder that our firm was built on old fashioned values.