We put our clients first.

At CoveMark, our clients’ interests come first. Always. As an investment adviser, we have a fiduciary duty to act with good faith solely for the benefit of our clients. And we take that duty seriously.

We have a threefold focus:


cash flow
to investors

generate high

We perform in-depth due diligence on all potential investments.

We believe in safeguarding clients’ assets through the careful selection of a diverse portfolio that is non-correlated to the stock market. You can be confident that we perform thorough due diligence on each investment opportunity prior to making an investment decision. Not only do we evaluate the investment; we also evaluate the entities and individuals involved in each deal. We have high standards for our business partners. No matter how attractive an investment appears, we won’t do business with those that don’t meet our expectations.

We invest alongside our clients.

We treat your money the same way we treat our money: with care. We’re investors, first and foremost. Long before we took outside investors, we were sourcing opportunities and building our own investment portfolio. And we’re still doing that today. We research and select quality investment opportunities and offer our investors the opportunity to invest alongside us. We exercise a high degree of care when selecting investments. And we put our money where our mouth is. If our clients’ money is allocated to an investment, you can be certain that ours is too.

We partner with like-minded individuals.

We leverage established relationships with industry experts to provide our clients access to exclusive investment opportunities typically only available to investors with significant capital contributions. Our mission is to offer institutional quality investments to ordinary investors. Because we believe a diverse portfolio is a strong portfolio, we don’t focus on a single industry or asset type. We offer a variety of investments across various sectors, focusing on those that we believe to be most profitable in the current macroeconomic environment.

We feel this is a key to building long-term wealth, not only for ourselves, but for our strategic partners, operators, clients, and investors.

We are force multipliers.

We believe in bringing together individuals and groups, with a similar focus, for the greater benefit of all involved. We understand that, together, we are more powerful than as separate units. We pool capital for greater impact, opening avenues of investing unavailable to individuals.

We take a long-term view.

We are industry agnostic; allowing us observe market cycles and capitalize on a broad range of opportunities.

We take a long-term view toward investing. In contrast to traditional investments in the stock market, which are largely at the whim of quarterly earnings projections, we strive to build investment portfolios that can weather all market conditions.